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Say you're sorry bitch!Say you're sorry bitch!
Two women get in a little altercation in the parking lot.
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Trombone ManTrombone Man
White boy has some mad skills.
Clicks [5586]

VW Polo Commercial - Insurgent StyleVW Polo Commercial - Insurgent Style
Forget armoring humvees...let's just send the insurgents a bunch of these bad boys.
Clicks [5564]

DUI StopDUI Stop
Some skills are only realized while under the influence.
Clicks [4622]

Where's my change?Where's my change?
A little kid doesn't take any smack from the clerk and demands his duckets back.
Clicks [5407]

Monkey JokeMonkey Joke
Monkeys, Penguins and Blown Gaskets?
Clicks [3702]

A cool little movie about an airplane, a car and the good ole 405 freeway in southern california
Clicks [5712]

Staff Motivation with Terry TateStaff Motivation with Terry Tate
Felcher and Sons hires Terry Tate to help with staff motivation. I think I would work a lot harder knowing Terry was around the corner!
Clicks [7731]

Jacuzzi BombJacuzzi Bomb
Hot chick looking to relax in the hot tub with her boyfriend
Clicks [9044]

Dukes of HazzardDukes of Hazzard
The cops just can't seem to spin this guy out.
Clicks [7436]

Hot chicks and power tools. Does it get any better?
Clicks [9510]

Drunk MeisterDrunk Meister
This dude is off the hizzle wasted yet he is determined to keep chugging it (whatever it may be) down.
Clicks [4901]

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