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Never Thumb A LiftNever Thumb A Lift
Hitching a ride has never been so fun...or scary depending on your perspective.
Clicks [8303]

Scottish DUI TestScottish DUI Test
This guy is definitely smashed!
Clicks [6699]

Borat SoundboardBorat Soundboard
Borat Soundboard - Borat, from Da Ali G Show
Clicks [13868]

Wear the Fox HatWear the Fox Hat
This is good....
Clicks [6699]

Japanese Food CultureJapanese Food Culture
Here's the real skinny on Japanese food culture
Clicks [2619]

German CoastguardGerman Coastguard
Language barriers can be funny.
Clicks [3267]

How To Dance Like A White GuyHow To Dance Like A White Guy
Forget about rythm. Learn how to dance like a white guy!
Clicks [3302]

Pelvis Power LiftingPelvis Power Lifting
Pelvis power lifting is set to makes its Olympic debut in 2008
Clicks [4748]

Mental DogMental Dog
Playing footsie or just mental?
Clicks [4015]

Horse KickHorse Kick
A horse kick straight to the chest. That's gotta hurt.
Clicks [4231]

Piano BallsPiano Balls
Can you play the piano with your balls?
Clicks [3581]

Camel ToeCamel Toe
Another tune that is sure to stick in your head.
Clicks [4611]

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